St. Zoticos

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Mission Parish

St Zoticos is a Orthodox community of the Carpatho-Russian Orthodox Diocese of the Ecumenical Patriarchate of Constantinople.
Blessed in 2018 and under the Omophorion of Metropolitan Gregory of Nyssa, it is the heart and lungs of Good Neighbours Scarborough Drop-In.
We follow the new calendar. Most of the services are in English but we warmly welcome other languages such as Arabic, Malayalam, Tamil, Malankara and Ethiopian.

The Second Liturgy
Encountering Christ at the
Table of the Poor

Mission Community | Good Neighbours Mission

St Zoticos is an Orthodox community that along with Scarborough Good Neighbours Drop In seeks to live out in the everyday the beauty of the gospel calling. We are centred on liturgy as the presence of Christ among the people of Scarborough.

Through prayer, ascetical life and works of mercy, we seek to enter more fully into His divine life. Sharing in God's compassion and love for each person, we desire to be open to all but especially those who suffer and don't belong to any church or social community.

We hold in esteem religious academic learning but also believe it can't be separated from a down-to-earth practical love of real concrete people. Thus we offer the opportunity to be introduced to the Orthodox faith through opportunities of study and also of humble service to the community.

St Zoticos also holds regular retreats at St Mary of Egypt Refuge as opportunities to grow in the spiritual life and experience the Orthodox faith.

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